6 Tips to Maintain Your Commercial HVAC

6 Tips to Maintain Your Commercial HVAC

Maintaining your commercial HVAC system is not only important from a financial point of view, but it also plays a crucial role in the comfort and safety of the building’s occupants. 

A regularly maintained HVAC system can save you money on energy bills, prolong the system’s lifespan, and avoid costly repairs. In this article, we will discuss six tips to maintain your commercial HVAC system to ensure it runs smoothly all year long.

Understand the Basics of Roof Maintenance

The first step to proper HVAC maintenance is understanding the basics of roof maintenance. Your building’s roof plays a vital role in protecting your HVAC unit from external factors. Therefore, keeping it in good condition is essential. 

Get familiar with the types of roofing materials and learn about the best ways to maintain your roof. This will help ensure your HVAC runs smoothly and remains protected from outside damage.

Install Copper Gutters

Installing copper rain gutters on your commercial building roof is an excellent way to prevent water damage, rust, and other problems that can result from standing water. Water damage can ruin your HVAC system, so it’s essential to make sure that water is properly diverted away from your unit. 

Copper gutters have a longer lifespan than other materials and are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion.

Clear Debris Away

Regularly clear debris from the roof and around your HVAC unit to prevent clogging or damage. Over time, debris such as leaves and twigs can accumulate and block drains and vents. 

This can cause your HVAC to become less efficient and, in severe cases, fail completely. Make sure to clean your HVAC regularly to avoid these issues.

Check for Leaks

Hiring a professional to check for any leaks in the roof is recommended. Roof leaks can lead to water entering your building, leading to dampness and mold, which can affect your indoor air quality. 

Additionally, leaks can lead to efficiency issues with your HVAC system, which can cause it to work harder than necessary. Regular roof inspections will help identify any issues before they become expensive problems.

Have Regular Maintenance Performed

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your commercial HVAC system running smoothly. This includes regular filter replacements, checking belts, fans, and lubrication of moving parts. 

Having a licensed commercial HVAC bloomington mn professional perform routine maintenance and cleaning of your system will help ensure it operates at optimal levels, reducing future repair costs and prolonging its lifespan.

Invest in Quality Insulation

Investing in quality insulation can help keep your commercial HVAC system operating efficiently. Insulation helps keep the building warm or cool, reducing the demand on your HVAC system and saving energy costs. 

High-quality insulation also helps to maintain a comfortable temperature and reduces noise pollution, making the indoor environment more comfortable for occupants.


Regular maintenance of your commercial HVAC system is essential to maintain comfort and protect the safety of its occupants while saving you money on energy costs and avoiding future costly repairs. 

These six tips will help keep your HVAC system running smoothly for its entire lifespan. Remember to seek out a licensed HVAC professional for all your maintenance needs to ensure the job is done correctly and to prevent problems from arising.