Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Wilmette

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Wilmette

Napolita from Vandalay Restaurants collective is currently in Wilmette and working towards V-P-N (Vera Pizza Napoletana) certification.

Key ingredients of an authentic Italian pizza include San Marzano tomatoes, whole milk mozzarella and Type 00 flour (doppio zero). Together they create an experience worth celebrating and enjoying!

Artisanal Techniques

Naples cuisine is more than a culinary art; it is an expression of culture. It captures the dynamism and diversity of an intricate past while at the same time embodying its creative fusion spirit.

Napolita pizza emphasizes simplicity rather than excess, using three premium ingredients to craft a harmonious harmony of tastes that dance on the palate. Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil come together like three tenors to bring Italy right to your door step!

Wilmette’s Napolita has won over foodies around the country thanks to its delicious taste and distinct charm. From relishing this bold and flavorful cuisine on its own to using it as part of other recipes, Wilmette’s Napolita can elevate your culinary status and become part of everyday cooking! With just some practice you too can become an expert in its artful preparation.


Napolita’s dedication to authentic ingredients sets it apart. San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala cheese and Type 00 flour–all certified by the True Neapolitan Pizza Association–create an orchestra of flavor that captures Naples’ longstanding heritage.

Napolita’s menu boasts both traditional dishes and modern updates to demonstrate its ability to adapt while remaining true to tradition. Furthermore, they feature an impressive grappa selection and wine list covering every varietal available in Italy.

Napolita is an oasis of warmth and hospitality in Naples. Their vibrant cuisine will transport you directly back to Italy’s streets with its bold flavors and fresh ingredients – indulge in pasta imported directly from Naples as well as signature salads and desserts, or treat yourself to pizza from Napolita which offers both body nourishment and soul satisfaction! Their name itself was taken from Napolitan dialect of Italian which features unique sounds not found elsewhere and speaks of diverse cultures across Naples’ history.

Minimalist Toppings

Napolita’s pizzas stand out from the competition with their simple approach and use only high-quality ingredients, letting each element shine independently for an experience that delights all your senses.

The dough for Napolita pizzas is typically prepared using 00 flour, which is a soft wheat flour made for stretching easily, then hand-kneaded and stretched to no thicker than three millimeters thick. Once this process has taken place, toppings such as San Marzano tomatoes from Naples (where Pompeii once stood), mozzarella di bufala cheese made from water buffalo milk from Campania and Lazio regions as well as fresh basil leaves are typically applied.

Each bite will transport you back to Naples’ bustling streets, where its culinary tradition has been recognized by UNESCO and serves both mind and body.

Quick Baking Time

Napolita pizza stands apart from its peers by being baked for only a brief time to preserve the integrity of its ingredients, creating a delicate balance of texture and flavor that showcases this culinary tradition.

Essential elements: Quality Italian flour such as type 00 is hand-kneaded into a soft yet chewy dough, then topped with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala cheese and salt for the final touch. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil provides extra richness while amplifying each ingredient’s unique flavors.

Fresh basil completes this culinary masterpiece while paying homage to its origins. When enjoyed alongside wine or limoncello and good company, Napolita is truly nourishment for both body and mind.