Comprehensive guide to dead body transportation in Mumbai

dead body transport Mumbai

The transportation of dead body deceased loved ones is a crucial process because that can require legal procedures. If you are also looking for trustful dead body transportation, you are in the right place. In Mumbai, there an many dead body transportation services available to service the customers who are looking for respectful transportation. In this post, you may learn everything about the dead body transportation process in Mumbai.

Document required: for legal dead body transportation in Mumbai

The most crucial part of dead body transportation in Mumbai is getting the needed documentation. Here is a list of some of the essential documents that can be required to make the dead body transport Mumbai in a successful way:

  • Need to get a death certificate from an authorized hospital mentioning the cause of death.
  • Getting a non-objection certificate from the local police station.
  • An embalming certificate to preserve the dead body.
  • The respective authority can issue a photo and ID card of the dead body.

Look at the various transportation options:

In Mumbai, there a various possibilities of dead body transportation that can be done with the excepted documentation. Here are some of the dead body transportation options available for you:

  • Ambulance services
  • Hearse van services

Know about the transportation procedure:

Here are some of the standard procedures that can be used when any of the looking for dead body transport in any way:

  • You need to contact the service provider and book the vehicle before or in advance by mentioning the location of pick up and dropping.
  • Then need to wash the dead body by removing any of the drains and wrapping it over white cloth and placing it in a stretcher or coffin.
  • After that, load the dead body safely inside the vehicle with an upside-facing option. 
  • It is impossible to carry the original death certificate and photo along with the dead body during the transit.
  • Inform that the excepted time of crematory is in advance and pay the transportation charges to the service provider after the process is completed. 

What are some of the factors to consider when choosing a service provider?

When you are choosing dead body transportation in Mumbai, you need to consider that they are trustworthy, ensuring safety and reasonable costs. It is better to look at an online review and rating that can be offered by the other user who can choose the provider. It is better to search through many hospitals because they can also provide a trustworthy transportation service provider. But you need to check their reputation, trust ability and cost twice before confirming the best transportation service in Mumbai.


The process of dead body transport in Mumbai is a more important and crucial one, so you need to make the entire process more respectful of the deceased. By finding experienced professionals in Mumbai with transportation arrangements, families can quickly clear this challenging time with their support. In addition, the professional dead body transportation in Mumbai can give an assurance that their loved one will be transported with care and respect.