How to check the status of Southwest flight

Southwest flight
Southwest flight

Suppose you have booked a flight and rushed to the airport to catch your flight on time. There is a sudden change in the schedule and gate number has changed, or it has been delayed. In this scenario anyone would suffer and face various challenges, especially if you have already booked a pickup from the destination or another flight from the destination airport. 

Checking the status of the Southwest flight can help you in various ways. It would let you know about the updates and changes related to your booked Southwest Flight.

Here are some of the ways to check the Status of Southwest Flight.

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Ways to check the Southwest Flight Status

There are multiple ways to check the South West flight Status, you can get the updates of SW status on your mobile phone, email if you have subscribed for the notifications. Otherwise, you can also get this information from the mobile application, online website portal or customer care number of the SW Airlines.

Track Southwest Flight Online 

You can track the SE flight online using the website portal of the Here you must have the information about the Flight number or you can also get it using the Route details. In the route you must know the destination airport and source airport of the South West Flight.

  • Navigate to the official website portal of the
  • Select the “By Route” or ”By Flight number” option to track the flight Status.
  • Enter the information about the flight number in the given box (route details if you have selected route option).
  • Submit the information on the southwest portal and now you can see the information related to the status of Southwest flight on the screen.

What details are available in SW Flight Status

The status information of Southwest airlines will give you a clear insight about the delay or any other changes of flight. The time the airline anticipates the aircraft to take off is shown below that, in strong writing with a bigger time. The first scheduled time of departure and similar details on the anticipated and planned landing timings may be seen on the right. 

That journey seems quite simple, but what if your travel is more intricate. Some Southwest flights make many stops and routes since the airline operates point-to-point flights as opposed to hub-to-hub flights. 

Thirty minutes before the planned departure time. We could start boarding as early as thirty minutes before the scheduled departure time of your flight. All travellers are urged to schedule their arrival in the gate area for no later than this hour. 

Importance of Flight Status Updates 

Every passenger has to have their boarding cards and be at the gate area ready to board no later than ten minutes before the flight is scheduled to depart. In the event that it is not, Southwest reserves the right to cancel your reservation, and you will not be refused boarding compensation. As close to 24 hours before your travel as feasible is when you need to check in. This is your best option for a wonderful boarding zone if you did not purchase Early Bird Check-In or a Business Select ticket, and you do not have children under the age of six. Read Also:  Southwest airlines cancellation policy