How to Spot Authentic Levi’s Jeans

How to Spot Authentic Levi’s Jeans

Red Levi’s tabs on back pockets have long been considered an indicator of authenticity and are widely recognized brand icons around the globe.

Make sure your jeans have an offset back belt loop – this feature was introduced in 1937 to address consumer complaints of exposed rivets scratching furniture.

Made in the USA

An authentic Levi’s jeans will have a “Made in the USA” patch, but this may be difficult to identify; look out for other indicators that point toward this fact.

λιβαισ jeans that are authentic will also feature copper or silver buttons with “LEVI STRAUSS & CO.” embossed on them. Additionally, each button bears an embossed number between three and four digits that correspond with the care label located inside of garment to help determine when these jeans were produced.

One way to identify authentic Levi’s jeans is by looking at whether their back belt loop is offset from being centered with the seat seam – this was characteristic of post-WWII 501XX models. Furthermore, authentic Levis will have an authentic leather patch on the rear waistband; any errors such as missing letters or words is an indicator that this pair may not be an original version and make sure that its color does not fade during washes.

Made with love

Levi’s jeans have become an internationally recognized icon. You can verify if your pair is authentic by inspecting its red tab; if it features a stylized capital E facing outward, this indicates they were produced prior to 1955 and can be considered vintage.

Another good indicator is the top button’s markings, which should feature three or four-digit numbers that match with those printed on your jeans’ white care label.

The 501 has become a global icon over time and remains relevant today, making it an ideal jean to dress up or down depending on your look. From wearing it with a formal suit to sporting it casually with sweater and trucker jacket, the 501 pairs perfectly with any piece in your closet.

Designed to last

Levi’s denim jeans are handcrafted from selvedge denim woven on vintage looms to ensure maximum quality and craftsmanship. While machine-washable, Levi’s recommends washing every 10 wears to extend their longevity.

Selvedge denim requires more of a break-in period than standard manufactured jeans, but once broken in they should last you a lifetime. Plus, its selvedge edge indicates where and how it was cut/woven together; making it easy to spot authentic Levi’s.

Another way to verify if your jeans are authentic is by looking at their back belt loop: If it is offset, that indicates production between 1947 and 1964; otherwise centered belt loops could date from later production runs. Furthermore, key features to look out for include chain stitch on waist button (this feature was introduced around 1969); without it present then your jeans likely don’t qualify as authentic.

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