Unwanted smell of Invisalign: Causes and Prevention

Unwanted smell of Invisalign: Causes and Prevention

In today’s age, when anyone gets any orthodontic problem they always go for the one and only treatment- Invisalign. This treatment can fix every sort of orthodontic problem to a certain extent. But to keep up the treatment plan well, you need to take care of it.

Many people complaints about experiencing bad breath but they don’t want to dig out the root cause of the problem. Improper oral care regime is the key cause behind the emergence of this issue.

So, in this blog, we are going to address some unknown causes of smelling of Invisalign with pro tips for causes and prevention. We are sure these are going to help in order to achieve the desirable result if you already have this treatment or need in the near future.  

What are the reasons behind smelling of Invisalign?

Do you ever try to find out the reason behind unpleasant smell of your Invisalign? There are many like you! It clearly means that there has been a lack of care and maintenance of the mouth along with the device. The only way to get rid of it is to curate a oral care regimen that works for you!

You might remember that when you visit a dentist after searching online with “Invisalign around me” you are advised to take proper care. Invisalign treatment works effectively only if you ensure its good maintenance and health. Use correct techniques of flossing and brushing and keep eyes on the frequency.

Needless to say, every orthodontic treatment whether small or large deems proper care and attention. If you are thinking that brushing is not important after every meal then you make a mistake. Oral hygiene imposes a great impact on the oral health ensuring better outcome of the treatment.

In case even after trying hard with the following tips bad breath won’t go then it’s a clear indication of gum disease. It generally happens when there is a build up of food particles and plaque on the teeth, bacteria gets a favourable ground to thrive. At that time, you need to visit the dentist to treat the condition on an earliest note. In the meantime, continue practicing the following tips to seek some help at least.  

Tips to keep the Invisalign clean

Fortunately, we can easily deal with malodour of the Invisalign with some quick and reliable tips. The basic aim is to take good care of the device and teeth. Here’s how you can achieve that:

  • Drink plenty of water

If you get the treatment from a clinic after searching a lot with “Invisalign near me” then you must know that from now onwards you need to have plenty of water.Drinking lots of water will keep the teeth and in-between spaces clear and free from deposition or any trapped debris.

Furthermore, remaining hydrated will benefit your overall health. Despite wherever you are going always keep a water bottle along to stay hydrated. Otherwise, many complexities can arise including bad breath.  

  • Clean the aligner always

Whether you have bad breath or Invisalign causes it, you need to keep cleaning the aligner to fix the issue. Don’t eat or drink anything with your aligner on as it can leads to bad odour. Even, wash the aligner and your mouth well after having anything using toothbrush and toothpaste. For extensive cleaning of the aligner, you can use lukewarm water so that the material doesn’t warp.

  • Floss and brush after having anything

You all know that flossing and brushing should be performed twice every day. But with Invisalign treatment, you need to increase a couple of more sessions. Putting on the Invisalign without basic dental care practices will foster the accumulation of odour-causing bacteria and plaque because of trapped food particles and debris.

However, the biggest perk of Invisalign is you can remove it easily for proper brushing and flossing. So, try to do that after having anything including meal, beverage or snack except water. In the meantime, you should clean the aligner too so that bad odour cannot return.

  • Quit caffeinated product and tobacco

Use of tobacco and caffeine can cause bad smelling of the Invisalign. You should stop using any sort of tobacco products like cigars, chewing tobacco, hookah, cigarettes and others.

Refrain from their use will promote orthodontic treatment in a better way. Tobacco is not only harmful for health but also for the teeth as well. So, say hi to a better health and improved lifestyle with elimination of tobacco use.

  • Prefer using mouthwash

You might have searched using “affordable Invisalign near me” to get the treatment! Then why not taking good care of it for desirable result in estimated time? In case, flossing and brushing cannot help to eradicate the smell completely, it’s time to invest in good alcohol-free mouthwash. It will surely find out the root cause of smelly Invisalign and address it.  

How you can clean stained Invisalign

Now, you already know the tricks to deal with bad smell of Invisalign, it’s the time to deal with the discolouration or staining of the aligner. Do you know how to tackle them?

Certain ways are there to maintain the cleanliness of the Invisalign aligner and make most of the treatment. Remember, Invisalign is made to be discreet and clear and here’s are some tips to deal with stains and discolouration on it.

  • Use Invisalign crystals

You can find Invisalign crystal in the market that is highly effective to keep the device stain-free. Dissolving the cleaning crystals in water will work on the toughest stains on the surface of aligner in less than 15 minutes. Just add the invisible braces tray in the solution and wait for the result.

  • Do the job with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

If you mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide it is actually helpful to remove the stains from aligner surface. This tried-and-tested method effectively works if you soak the aligner in the prepared solution overnight no matter how tough the stain is. Remember to prepare the solution you need to use equal parts of each ingredient. 

  • Vinegar is helpful

Vinegar is outstanding for diminishing little stains from the Invisalign surface. Just take a part of vinegar and dissolve it in 3 parts of water to soak the aligner in the solution for around 20 minutes. Use a soft-bristled brush to wipe away the stains and rinse it well with plain water.

It is obvious to feel conscious to put on Invisalign with stains. Only with regular oral care practice and proper maintenance of the appliance you can ensure the healthy progress of the treatment. Also, it will keep the Invisalign discreet, clear and clean at the same time.

Moreover, teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign comes with an aligner set to be worn for around 2 weeks. In case, somehow a set becomes discoloured you can switch to the next one.

Your concern should be more about underlying complications of stained Invisalign rather than how it looks. At Smile Clinic London, Invisalign Provider the orthodontist helps in offering the most beautiful and healthiest smile which commences with good oral care routine. You should consult with the dentist at the clinic to know more about taking care of Invisalign Discount London, UK and the dental health to get desirable result on time.