What Is Hot Tapping & When Should Use It After Being Supplied By Hot Tap And Line Stop Services Company?

hot tap and line stop services company

Hot tapping is a method used to connect a branch link to an outside pipeline, requiring disruption or depressurising normal operations. The process is also used to isolate provinces of pipe for keeping by plugging or blocking the line. Sometimes hot tapping is referred to as line tapping, pressure cutting, pressure tapping, or side cutting.

Whether doing maintenance or adding a new piece of pipeline from a genuine hot tap and line stop services company, the advantage of hot tapping is that it enables pipeline operators and owners to separate and bypass parts of the pipeline while shutting down the whole system and interrupting production. As a result of costly downtime when Utilising a Hot Tap

Hot tapping in pipework is a dangerous activity that must be performed carefully. As a result, you should only use a hot tap when it is impracticable to shut down the entire system, or there is no other way to complete repairs or add a new pipeline branching. You can proceed to hot tapping once all other methods have been considered and eliminated.

How hot tapping works

The hot tapping method entails installing branch connections, cutting holes in a running pipeline, maintaining gas flow, and preventing product discharge or loss.

  • Hot taps enable new additions to existing systems, introducing devices into a stream, permanent or temporary bypasses, and the preparatory stage for line sealing with inflatable balloon closures.
  • Hot tapping systems are available in various pipeline sizes, material types, and pressure ratings.
  • A hot tap machine typically consists of a drill and fitting with a valve. The drill creates a hole in the pipeline wall, and the connector wraps around the pipe, forming a seal between the hot tap equipment and the hole in the pipe wall. 
  • The valve may function as either a block valve or a control valve for the newly formed connection. It permits the part of the pipeline wall cut out by the drilling instrument to be withdrawn after the cutting operation.
  • Hot tap systems may operate vertically or horizontally, and they may be used at any angle around the pipe where there is adequate space for the valve, fitting, and pressing machine. 

Depending on the dimension of your pipe, there is lightweight hot-tapping equipment supplied by hot tapping machine suppliers that may be set up and used by one person.

Benefits of Hot Tapping

As previously stated, there are numerous environmental and financial advantages to using a hot tap rather than a system shutdown. Hot tapping does not emit dangerous gases entering the atmosphere, waste gas, or interrupt customer service. Furthermore, you can prevent time-consuming cutting, adjustment, and rewelding of pipeline sections and lower the costs of planning and organising a whole system or section shutdown.

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